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Coats, pants, tees and even a hat! Everything you need for this summer is in the new collaboration between H&M and BALMAIN. We choose the nicest pieces that you will wear often and won’t look like someone who wanted BALMAIN for less. Collection is out on 5th of November in selected H&M stores around the globe.


10 причин почему Apple очень крута. RUS


Сегодня в продажу в России и еще 39 странах поступает новый iPhone 6S, который уже окрестили «ничего нового». Сразу скажем, что мы с этим несогласны и составили список из 10 причин почему Apple самая крутая и почему с этим ничего не поделать. Continue reading 10 причин почему Apple очень крута. RUS

HEINEKEN + BOND. Waiting for Spectre.

Ahead of the worldwide release of Spectre this autumn, Heineken presents the latest chapter of its global partnership with the iconic James Bond film franchise. As the first of two global on-pack exclusives, Heineken will give you access to a classic collection of Bond films. ‘Goldfinger’, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, and ‘Casino Royale’ limited edition packs will gift fans a Bond movie download. Continue reading HEINEKEN + BOND. Waiting for Spectre.

GO WEST. 10 things to do in San Francisco.

This September I was lucky enough to go to this great city. After collecting my thoughts and impressions now I’m ready to share it with you. Continue reading GO WEST. 10 things to do in San Francisco.

Less or more than Z5. Sony unveiled new smartphones.

Today it happened! Sony Mobile unveiled its next-generation Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact, and the world’s first 4K smartphone Xperia Z5 Premium – each engineered to make your everyday experiences better.

Xperia Z5

Let’s start from Xperia Z5. It features Sony’s brand new large 1/2.3 Exmor RS™ for mobile 23MP sensor and F2.0 G Lens – it’s Sony’s first completely re-imagined smartphone camera module since Xperia Z1, designed with Sony’s interchangeable lens camera αTM technology for clear, vivid imagery every time. Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 23.17.30

Designed by leading creatives at Sony’s Creative Center studios in Sweden and Japan, Xperia Z5 presents a svelte continuous plate form, with a metal frame and frosted glass back. It’s striking, comfortable to hold and waterproof for everyday convenience. With a 5.2” display, sleek looks and Fall 2015 fashion and interior design cues, colours range from elegant to expressive for any personal style or taste; White, Graphite Black, Gold and Green.

Xperia Z5 Compact

For those who prefer a compact smartphone, Xperia Z5 Compact brings the same great camera technology and features in a pocket-friendly compact device. It delivers uncompromised performance in a beautifully compact design with a 4.6” display, perfect for one-handed use. And, Z5 Compact let’s you express personal stylewith fresh, vibrant colours including Yellow and Coral, in addition to White and Graphite Black.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 23.17.41

Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, featuring octa-core CPUs, 64 bit capabilities and ultra-fast 4G LTE speeds, letting you reach new levels of performance for video, photography and gaming. Whether you’re multi-tasking over Wi-Fi or the latest 4G network, both devices deliver the speed you need. Download email with attachments in seconds and enjoy video streaming with no delays or unwanted buffering.

Xperia Z5 Premium

Xperia Z5 Premium is the world’s first 4K smartphone with a sharp, vivid 5.5” 4K TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile and IPS, where breathtaking detail is depicted with pinpoint accuracy for the most natural images, at four times the resolution of Full HD.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 23.17.20

Xperia Z5 Premium will upscale your favourite content to 4K, enhancing any native or third party videos or photos so you can view Netflix, YouTube or your holiday shots in rich, vibrant 4K detail. And, Xperia Z5 Premium is built to allow you to get creative by capturing in 4K and immediately enjoying the content on Z5 Premium, with the option of preserving any moment as an 8MP quality image.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 23.16.45

And, why not port the memory card from Sony’s 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000V to Xperia Z5 Premium to enjoy your footage immediately – or simply connect to the big screen either wirelessly via DLNA or with MHL 3.0 to enjoy your content on a 4K TV.


Across the Xperia Z5 series, Sony’s rich expertise in audio technologies lets you enjoy sound in incredible detail and clarity. High-Res Audio reproduces high frequency sound for a studio quality experience. DSEE HXTM upscales the audio fidelity of your existing MP3, AAC or Spotify tracks to near High-Res Audio quality. And for high quality wireless music listening, Sony’s LDAC™ codec transmits data three times more efficiently than legacy codec over Bluetooth.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 23.17.49

And now for the first time, Sony’s new High-Resolution Audio Headset MDR-NC750 allows you to enjoy combined Hi-Res Audio music with Digital Noise Cancelling – your tunes as they were intended to be heard, with ambient background noise reduced by up to 98%.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 23.18.55

Russia+China = Gosha Rubchinskiy. New look-book of russian designer.

One of the only known young world famous (but not mainstream) designers from Russia Gosha Rubchinskiy presents the new look-book of autumn-winter collection. It’s inspired by subcultures of suburban city areas and national-sport-art-nearly criminal movements. The new collections is not an exclusion.  Continue reading Russia+China = Gosha Rubchinskiy. New look-book of russian designer.

Welcome to Peru! The new taste of Nespresso.

The history of Peru is reach enough as its cuisine. Recently it became trendy, fancy and started to expand around the world. The coffee is a part of it. Nespresso invites coffee lovers to embark on journey of the senses into the Peruvian Andes to discover a remarkable treasure.  Continue reading Welcome to Peru! The new taste of Nespresso.