Chic’n’Sport. The new Vertu Signature Touch Carbon Sport

The new edition of popular and super powerful Vertu Signature Touch got it’s name for a few reasons. New look with cabon’ated accents and speed. Let’s take a closer look, guys. 

Satin Grey Ceramic Pillow 

It features satin black PVD sides with polished gunmetal grey highlights in Grade 5 Titanium and satin grey hardened ceramic pillow. On the back, dual weave carbon fibre in glossy perfection covers the Gull wing doors. Wrapped in sunny bright Orange calf leather side embossed for greater tactility, it is complemented with a black rubber racing stripe. Each Signature Touch screen is formed from a single piece of 130 carat sapphire crystal for a precise high definition and a virtually scratchproof surface.


High Gloss Carbon Fibre Gull-Wing Doors

Don’t forget about the Vertu Sync app that enables a smooth transition from iOS by connecting your Vertu to your iCloud contacts and calendar.

Use Global Wi-Fi to access internet anywhere in the world with iPass.

Satin black PVD titanium sides with polished gunmetal grey

Vertu Concierge (with one touch button) is available for all Signature Touch customers and features the highest level of Dedicated Service – complimentary on device for 18 months

Vertu LIFE offers customers a personalised selection of exclusive privileges and unrestricted access to elite events, available directly on device. 

Orange Calf Leather with Black Racing Stripe

Vertu’s custom Image Signal Processor  and a 21 Megapixel camera provides crystal clear imaging and 4K video

5.2” Full-HD LCD display with 428 pixels per inch delivers extraordinary colour and contrast.

Sapphire Crystal Screen

Sound featuring Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound for peerless mobile acoustics

Text: Pavel Boyman / Pictures: press-archives

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