ROC like Ronaldo. Three + 1 brilliant headphones by Monster.

Years after divorcing (there is no another way to describe this long process of separation) between Monster and their sub-brand “Beats by. dr. Dre” the “mother” company, Californian creator of the most successful headphones on the planet, needs (or already “needed”) a new HIT.

234997554And that could be this series of shiny headphones that actually can become a first BIG THING after Beats for Monster. Why? Simply because it looks good. Some people say that gold plastic with metallic and black all together seems kinda cheap. Can’t disagree, but for me so far it looks good , I am sorry. And after a quite good DESIGN we have a NAME. The name that is big as dr. Dre’s name used to be for Beats. The name is Cristiano Ronaldo – the most successful and famous football player on the planet right now. You would say this is not the same, cuz Dre was from the music world and Ronaldo is a sport star. But look who is representing all the beats headphones the most after music pop-stars (actually less and less now)? Right – sportsmen, football players! Why not to take the best of them. Especially there is no way to worry about the sound as it’s controlled by The Main Monster Noel Lee, creator and father of Monster for more than three decades. Seems like a perfect combination between them. Especially if we speak about headphones.

Christiano Ronaldo and the Head Monster Noel Lee on the launch of ROC headphones. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.15.00What do we have? Four pairs for the different occasions. One over-ear ROC headphones, one on-ear, one pair of light-weight wireless in-ear headphones and the newest over-ear ROC wireless headphones. All the products are actually redesigned previous Monster pairs. The big ones are technically copying Monster 24K, the middle ones are iSport Freedom ones and the smallest — Monster SuperSlim wireless in-ear headphones.

234997557alt7So for me, as I had and listen to all of them there is no difference of sound, maybe just a little bit for some models depending on the materials of the finish. Two of three headphones are originally made for sportsmen and now with a new gold-platinum design are suitable for any occasion from the GYM to the first class flight. Something you are not ashamed to wear for 10 hours and after hide in your Goyard bag to get it out later on the morning run in a park. Good job, Monster!

Text: Pavel Boyman. Photos: press-archives.



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