BETTER NO. 5 advices for those who search their own style.

Many of guys are in search for their own style and knowing how to wear a leather jacket and what is the difference between slippers and slips on is not enough to look great. And if you think that fashion has no rules, we are going to upset you – there are. Here are the most important of them. 

1. Enough is enough

Don’t overload.

If you’re no an italian fashion bloger (even if you are) or going to Pitti Uomo this year in Florence, please, don’t add much of extra stuff to your suit (jacket, casual outfit etc). In the end it’s gonna look like you wear everything you’ve got at home or traveling with your beloved accessories. Listen to what Coco Chanel said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” — I think this is very applicable to the reality now.


2. Size is size

Don’t try to wear smaller or bigger clothes.

Too small or too big pants or blazer won’t say anything about your look except “did he buy it on sale?”, “was it offered to him?”, “he gained/lost weight?” etc. Do you need it? None of small suits will make you look like a fir or muscled guy. None of too big sweaters will properly cover your skinny shoulders. The right sized apparel are made for theist look.

3. Rights are right

Don’t break the rules when it’s not needed.

With the time, fashion became a summary of postulates. Breaking them you can totally destroy your image or at least make a bad impression.Search on Google for “right to wear a suit” or “how to match the colours in clothes”, “what is black-tie” or “how to wear a pocket square”. Unfortunately, this is not taught in school, but if you don’t want to look like a guy who doesn’t aware of the history, like Sam Smith at the Oscars, it’s the best to brush up on a dozen fashion rules before you start looking for your own style or just leaving the place thinking that this denim dress look super-cool.

4. Classic is classic

Pay respect to other people and yourself with what you wear.

This section could be called differently, for example, “Respect dress-code”. People created this term not to make fun on you like some guys think. Pay respect to your boss, host of the party or the owner of a place coming there in appropriate garments even if your style requires certain things to wear. Find the style that can be adopted for the occasion.


5. Cheap is cheap

Don’t put the rotten cherry on top.

Thinking that 20 bucks jeans are going perfect with 2000$ cashmere sweater is nothing wrong. It becoming weird when you are trying to add a cheap classic shoes to your black-tie or suit, or wearing an H&M bag with “real” Balmain jacket. This is where the disappointment will have a place. Remember, the clothes — it’s almost all about a fit and durability, when accessories are about the quality. Agree, that adding a scratched belt to a fabulous look is not a good idea as when you’re wearing a cheap synthetic tie on the business meeting  could be bad idea too. Invest in your accessories. Otherwise it will destroy all the efforts that are done to your outfit.

Text: Pavel Boyman.

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