Xperia Z3+. Sony’s new flagship smartphone is here.

Following the announcement of Japanese Sony Xperia Z4 its twin brother Z3+ is coming to the rest of the with the previous version of the Xperia Z3 the front camera was seriously improved, now it has 5MP matrix with Wide Angle Lens which are ideal for a group selfie. The new flagship device supports two SIM cards and microUSB connector is no longer covered by a flap, but it’s still very well protected by a standard IP-65/68. So the shower, pool or wet sand on the beach will not destroy

The rest of features: 21 MP main camera with the ability to shoot in low-light, 5.2-inch FullHD display, an eight-core 64-bit processor Snapdragon 810 by Qualcomm, the 2900 mAh battery to operate without recharging for up to two days and support for LTE Cat6 and Wi-Fi MIMO, which allow you to load LTE data at 300 Mbit/sec, if it is available by the network operator you use. The body of the phone has become thinner on the half millimetre and now represented in four new colors: classic black and white, copper and the most beautiful, in our opinion,

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