5 Eurovision 2015 songs which are actually gonna be popular.

It was already many things said about winners and losers of the Eurovision song contest this year, but not only unusual and crazy people lead the competition and the winner of this year, {{{, proves this theory. We’ve created out list of the songs, which are gonna hit the dance floors around the world so soon. Like it was with Loreen and like it was with many others. 


Serbia / Beauty Never Lies – Bojana Stamenov

We easily can see this proud song in the gay clubs around the Europe this summer. Just imagine some drug queens “singing” this.


Belgium / Rhythm Inside – Loïc Nottet

Very classic european new pop. Not the winner for sure, but a good try to show the own style and give us some new rhythms.


Australia / Tonight Again – Guy Sebastian

Very easy and catchy american styled song. There are one question about Australia on the Eurovision: is it the Europe? (or, there is Azerbajdzjan and more, but…).


Russia / A Million Voices – Polina Gagarina

Probably the real winner of this year. The welcome video with Swarovski garden, analogy with Jennifer Lopez dress and simply great act. Perfect voice and easy catchy lyrics.


Sweden / Heroes – Måns Zelmerlöw

Very classical and trendy ballad in David Guetta style. The total hit and predictable winner. See and hear it around the world this summer.

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