Ok, guys. Let’s be honest. Suit is a big fetish turn on for many people. And the “masters” of suits, Suitsupply know how to make the effect even bigger. I mean they always tried to get attention from any kind of client from straight and gay men to women. The first ones loved the shape and fabrics, the second — models and look, the others — wanted their boyfriends to wear one of the suits or shirts.

Days ago in the campaigns Suitsupply used sexual themes to promote new collections. For example sex of men in suits with different ladies in the kitchen, on the stairs and in the rest of places. Last summer they took another both-sided fetishe (for men and women) – wet splashes on suits at the pool party with naked girls. This time “masters” went even deeper.

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In the new SS 2015 campaign the men and naked ladies are completely wet deep in the water. Of course, men are still wearing suits. It looks just beautiful and Suitsupply will always know how to make provocation, beauty and sex. Enjoy the pictures and go to the nearest store.

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