Kingsman: The Secret Service + Mr Porter

He seems to be a simply Savile Row tailor, but he is not. He is the secret agent. “Kingsman: The Secret Service” isn’t just a movie that reinvigorates the spy genre; it also injects new life into the classic British gentleman’s wardrobe in association with MR PORTER.

MR PORTER has worked in concert with director Mr Matthew Vaughn, costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips and a dream team of British heritage brands to create a new menswear label that refreshes that wardrobe. The result is a 60-piece collection that includes suits, watches, ties, umbrellas, briefcases and more, and lives both on and off the big screen. Guys from Mr Porter worked with many partners.

Founded by British brothers Messrs Nick and Giles English, Bremont creates first-class watches inspired by aviation timepieces. Three models have been made for Kingsman: a rose-gold watch complete with alligator-leather strap, a steel watch and an all-black stealth model. All are assembled by hand in the UK. Mr Graham Cutler and Mr Tony Gross have been bringing originality and design flair to sunglasses and optical glasses alike for over 40 years. The bold tortoiseshell frames they have crafted for the collection are standard issue eyewear for all Kingsman agents. Jermyn Street shirtmaker Turnbull & Asser has been dressing some of the world’s most influential men since 1885. The Kingsman wardrobe comprises shirts in cotton poplin and Oxford cloth, plus a dress shirt designed to be worn with studs. And this is not the full list of great partners. Check out more clothes and accessorises online.

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