IT IS HERE! Madonna releases her 13th album! Review

It sounds crazy, but BITCH IS TIRED of leaks and releases her new album today on iTunes. Actually not the album, but 6 songs. The whole album would be available on 10 of march 2015 worldwide. The songs we have today are partly heard before with the leak, but should say it sound brilliant now! We’re all excited! And here is our review specially for you…

The whole sound of the content is new for Madonna and even for the industry. Madonna mixed typical pop with lyrical melodies of ballads and hip-hop. Some clear DJ-sounds (thanks to AVICII and many more) and the whole stuff is so alive, you wanna dance or move at least. The only not so cool thing is that voice of the One & Only Queen is so modified. We’ve not heard it since time of Confessions On A Dance Floor. Or even Music. But still it’s so good to be bad.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.54.52

Madge decided to launch exactly the first 6 songs without blank spaces, just for you to feel the spirit of CD. “Living For Love” is the opening song on the album. It is a great pop song with deep voice and beautiful instrumental + techno beat accompaniment. “Devil Pray” is a bit slow, but very emotional track which is reminding about “Miles Away” guitar and magical thoughts of “Best Friend”. “Ghosttown” is even more lyrical song with quite impressive chorus. On the “Unapologetic Bitch” Madonna starts her real good job. Original cool sound and autobiographical lyrics. It sound so modern and Queen B, Rihanna and many others should move their booty a bit. Be honest the last one seems influenced Madonna with her “Man Down” and the sound of racing cars in the song seems so standard for any DJ app. Any other part is simply perfect. “Illuminati” is reminding us about Kelis’ “Fleshstone” and earlier Madonna’s works. Who do you think you are? That’s what BITCH №1 asks in the last released track “Bitch I’m Madonna” and Nicki Minaj helps her to make a statement.

It sound cool just because “It’s Madonna” and cuz it’s new. But in the same time seems she’s a one (not a few like with MDNA) steps behind the future trend. Hope the rest of CD has some more unusual sounds. I mean sound is easy and you can simply remember everything after listening twice and one time is enough for “Unapologetic Bitch” and “Bitch, I’m Madonna”. Bitch…



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