What is a good thing about your portable speaker? Right, it plays cool sound and can do it very loud! But what is better about JBl Charge 2? You’re right again, it charge any device while you’re listening to the favourite music. Basically connect your iPhone to the speaker by bluetooth and USB and enjoy cool sound with long battery life. But that’s not all the thing it can do…

The new JBL Charge 2, a portable stereo speaker offering best-in-class sound with dual drivers and twin passive radiators that deliver deep, accurate bass so powerful that you can actually see them trembling – even as their sound hits your ears. Featuring a 6000mAh Li-ion battery that can play up to 12 hours of music, the Charge 2 is built to outlast all-night parties – as well as charge other portable devices by way of its USB port. And with its versatile Bluetooth wireless functionality, you can carry the Charge 2 with you anywhere and still listen to music.jbl_charge2_1

The JBL Charge 2 also features a hands-free conference speakerphone complete with patented noise and echo cancellation technology that brings greater resonance and clarity to the sound of your calls. Finally, the Charge 2 has a Bluetooth Social Mode that lets up to three different users take their respective turns playing their own Bluetooth-enabled devices on the same speaker. Whatever color you end up going with – black, white, red, blue, or purple – you’re going further – and louder – with Charge 2 than anything else in its class or price.

Copyright remains sole and exclusive property of Brian Kuhlmann

AND if you like to bike, fit this speaker into a bottle holder on the bicycle and enjoy the music while driving to work, school or just around the park. That’s totally cool stuff! Get yours on the official Russian website and in-stores.

Copyright remains sole and exclusive property of Brian Kuhlmann

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