YotaPhone 2. Official launch and factory tour.

Today the new YotaPhone is launched in Moscow, Russia, and tomorrow the global launch in London is scheduled. We’ve inspected the factory in China and wanna show you how this global russian phone is assembled and looks like in a market package. 


The idea was born in Russia, Moscow. CEO of Yota Devices Vlad Martynov long struggled to make people taken it seriously. After all, there are many kinda-russian fake “brands”, which is simply the name of the mold to the body of Chinese pieces. For YotaPhone 2 the idea was originally so different – to make the entire system of the gadget from sketch to design, it’s the world’s first smartphone with a this kinda two screens. And it’s not just two displays in one smartphone, these are two different characteristics and requirements of the screen: AMOLED and E-Ink. Both sides are covered with heavy-duty Gorilla Glass.

The assembly takes place in China, at a factory in Suzhou, near Shanghai. First YotaPhone was assembled by the same company Hi-P, but in Tianjin, near Beijing. We walked around the entire circuit assembly from the primary components in plastic trays to the final devices with installed OS Android KitKat. Read about the process of testing in a material of the last year, and this time I will focus only on the new smartphone and its assembly.

First YotaPhone, according to company estimates, sold worldwide circulation of 30-40 thousand copies. The order for the second unit has already been made – all formed at 100-150 thousand units. Those who believe the price of 700$ is high let’s take a look at the closest analogs such as Nexus 6 or Galaxy Alpha, which, however, don’t have a cool second screen.

Box also is not the typical boring one – it unfolds like a traveler’s office, each object has its place, everything is molded as accurately and thoughtfully as possible. The new headphones attached, microUSB cable and a new “pin” to open the SIM-card slot, it is inside the rubber boot, so wear it with the keys become more comfortable and almost impossible to loose.

Officially YotaPhone 2 presents today  on December 2 in Moscow and 3 December in London for the world, and will sell in a week after the presentation.


Inside: 8-megapixel camera with image stabilization, a powerful battery 2550 mAh, wireless charging, module NFC,  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE and 3G. In general, no worse than any other smartphone on the market.

Naturally, many people will wonder if they need it? If you like Android and got used to it in a clean design, this smartphone for you. It’s like a girlfriend, which suddenly began to surprise you with incredible abilities. Well, you know. In general, this is a smartphone that can amaze.

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