UP & MOVE! New Jawbone fitness trackers

Once Jawbone has become a pioneer among bracelets for sports. Their “handcuffs” were also stylish, among other things, been able to wake you up and keep a long battery life. In the new Jawbone UP3 and UP MOVE company made another revolution. Read about two new items for sport enthusiasts and to watch yourself. 269c78e81fe36a8a2fd374f1b900-680x510

Now UP3 bracelet can also be considered as the heart-rate monitor, measure body and the environment temperature, and from another side — have a great design: there is a loop fastening bracelet on your hand, not like before, and it’s avalible in variety of textures of each of the different colored options. Thanks to all this, UP3 turns from a fitness bracelet into a personal trainer who will remind you of the required excersize load, diet and other details of your body. It can now recognize the type of training, running, cross country, tennis and much more, there is no need to add it manually. Price question – 179$ (8990 RUB).UP3 Group Shot 1c32bfa0c00d81a2e8519657b75c-680x510

The second novelty is UP MOVE – this tracker on the clip, which is not necessarily always carry with you even in bed, but it is convenient to mount it on the clothes and shoes while walking or playing sports. It tracks the baseline activities, such as steps and idle time. For example, to find out how close you are to achieving the goal, click on the tracker. The first press on the elegant hidden LED display shows the result of the steps, after the two – hours, after three – statistics for the last night of sleep. Price: 49$ (2590 RUB).UP MOVE Family UP Group Shot

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