TRAVEL CASE. Windsor + Rimowa for the best travel suit.

Everyone who once travelled with suit in suitcase or with a suit on knows that it’s a misery if jacket and pants made from a bad foldable fabric. But even a fine fabrics can destroy the look of gentlemen by folds on this perfect jacket. We’ve got the salvation for you. Call it remedy if you want. The new Windsor & Rimowa collection. 

If we talk about the first ones we should mention a great classic design of their stuff and perfect british style. Second — great travel suitcases and other traveller’s appliance. What if they work together? Here we go… Windsor finally teamed up with famous Rimowa and released a special “set of a travellers.” The main part is a classic dark blue suit made from unfold able wool fabric, which is offered to pack in a Rimowa aluminium suitcase on four wheels. Everything is sized and calculated to be fitted in hand luggage and brought on board. And then Windsor added some retrodetails to a modern suitcase. Isn’t that look beautiful?! And of course a nice a bonus: bag for shoes to avoid avoid soiling the other pieces of clothing in a suitcase. Genius!

But let’s take a look on each piece of collection in details. And if you wanna see more travel shirt just go by the link. Aren’t those pieces beautiful?



And this is not the end. This summer RIMOWA already collaborated with German Football Team actual WINNERS of World’s Cup to create a perfect suitcases for them and their BEAUTIFUL HUGO BOSS SUITS.

RIMOWA_Nationalmannschaft_2.jpg.1500x1000_q85The entire team has traveled to Brazil with specially made cases from the Salsa Deluxe Hybrid line, featuring a spacious front pocket that keeps everything they need to hand. Each set consists of a hand luggage case, two large Multiwheel suitcases and a practical amenity kit. These one-of-a-kind cases feature an embroidered logo that reads “Die Nationalmannschaft” (National Team) together with the respective player’s number. Team manager Oliver Bierhoff is also happy to be travelling with RIMOWA: “The World Cup in Brazil will demand a lot of us, both in terms of sport and organisation. It’s therefore reassuring to know that by choosing RIMOWA we at least don’t have to worry about our luggage.”

Photos: press-archives

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