DRIVEN WITH STYLE. BMW i8’s Louis Vuitton Luggage

The French fashion house has created a range of carbon fibre luggage designed specifically to fit BMW’s new i8 hybrid sports car. Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 12.59.39

Usually if you take a sport car there is no too much space for luggage. The answer HOW? is simple – choose one which comes with its own custom-fitted luggage set, like the newly-launched BMW i8. Luggage space in the BMW i8 is a bit abysmal. But Louis Vuitton is here to save your trip on Cote D’Azur with a five-piece set that costs $20,000 — a 15 percent premium over the $135k base price of the i8 — and it doesn’t even levitate. The use of carbon fibre in the making of the bags is in keeping with the i8 itself, with BMW using the strong-yet-light composite material in the plug-in hybrid sports car.

The four-piece set of exclusive suitcases and bags have been carefully designed to follow the sleek lines of the most progressive sports car: the BMW i8. Each piece calls on Louis Vuitton’s heritage of craftsmanship and innovation, bringing together leading edge design and materials with exacting, careful construction.Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 12.59.15

Soft, flexible bags and semi-rigid thermoformed cases have been cleverly calibrated, down to the last millimetre. They stack and fit together in an ingenious way in order to allow the driver to carry their most treasured possessions in style and security, without compromising the comfort and elegance of luxury travel.2014-bmw-i8-with-custom-louis-vuitton-luggage-trunk

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