SAMSUNG GEAR S + GEAR CIRCLE. The new age of smart watches.

The newest GEAR by Samsung has a few surprises. The first one is built-in 3G and the SIM-card. Woohoo! Now you are able to call using your hand and leave your smartphone at home! Phone calls, sending and receiving messages are available over a cellular network, as well as, say, download updates from social networks. Pairing with a smartphone is not required.sam02

Inside Gear S you’ll find a dual-core processor with 1.0 GHz frequency and the operating system Tizen, but not Android Wear. Such a surprise! The device is equipped with a curved 2-inch touch screen Super AMOLED 360×480 pixels. Amount of RAM is 512 MB ​​and internal flash memory is 4 GB. Dimensions 39,8×58,3×12,5 mm.

“Navigation instructions are provided by Nokia HERE”       

sam06Don’t forget about the wireless connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1, plus a receiver navigation system GPS / GLONASS, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, electronic compass, barometer, light and ultraviolet sensors, as well as heart rate monitor. Owners will be able to use the clock as a fitness tracker in tandem with Samsung S Health or Nike+ Running applications. Thankfully, navigation instructions are provided by Nokia HERE.

Gear S is protected against dust and water by standard IP67, battery capacity of 300 mAh which will last for two days of normal use. You can always connect it to a USB port to charge.

Gear Circle

Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth 3.0 and answer calls, listen to music or give voice commands. The product is equipped with a vibrator, a touch sensor and the Micro-USB port for charging the battery capacity of 180 mAh, which is enough for 11 hours of talk time. When the headset is not in use wear it around your neck as a ring.sam07

“The product is equipped with a vibrator”



Don’t forget about wonderful Samsung GALAXY Alpha. We will be waiting for more premier on upcoming IFA 2014 in Berlin.

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