Gli’Italiani Veri! It just couldn’t be better! New ISAIA lookbook.

Spaghetti is the worst thing you can order wearing a suit. So, the neapolitan brand ISAIA thinks different and besides eating pasta advices to even cook it, then go to fish and finish this adventure with a shot of ristretto. Ah, Che Dolce Vita! But we know that only thing you’ll be able to think about is a new suit — many ways to keep it clean till the end of meal. ab85bf2e7e81bd2c4ccdc3846489e7e3

But the story of this great photos can be different. Once the head of ISAIA Gianluca Isaia said: «When I eat pasta or mozzarella di bufala, I chew extra hard to get in some exercise. I’m joking, but the point is I still enjoy food and I still look after myself. You need to be in shape, but don’t be obsessed with your body. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy».

And then he added «The biggest fashion mistake men make is to follow the rules of other men. Make your own rules—don’t follow mine». We totally agree!

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 8.08.05

Photos: press-archives

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