DRESS YOU UP. The new brand Hawke & Co is in town!

We like nice clothes. And if with classic clothes all the things are quite clear, with casual apparel it’s a bit more complicated. We’re searching for really cool sophisticated stuff. With over 150 years history, yesterday the company relaunched itself.Spanning three generations of an independently owned and operated family business, Hawke & Co continues to evolve while remaining true to its NYC roots. You can find Hawke & Co apparel and outerwear in over 20,000 retail stores around the world. But if you’re not right next to one — go online. And what we really like — it’s only for men! There are plenty of unique things you’ll adore. We chose our TOP-5 picks. Here we go.

Snorkel Field Jacket


This one will warm you up all the winter. Yes, it’s still summer, but what if tomorrow you’ll take off to the Siberia or north of Alaska?

B.C. Colton Utility


Lighter jacket. Perfect for autumn or early spring. And you can even wear it on the suit.

Down Vest


In september it’s getting colder. Especially in a night. Protect yourself with this foldable vest. Plenty of colours and down inside.

The Shirt Jacket


The shirt over suit? Only if it’s a Shirt Jacket. If you prefer shirt and trousers way to dress — use this apparel instead of jacket on the street. Suitable for a holidays out of city as well.

The Houston


The look of sweater with protection from wind and cold of winter jacket. Our choice. Three colours available.

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