IN ANY CASE. 7 best summer travel shirts

Shirts can be different. Classic, business, informal, warmed flannel fabric or very light linen. Summer, and in particular travel needs practical things: universal design and composition of tissue. This time we chose the 7 practical shirts that you can wear with shorts and a jacket. And still so beautiful design. 


The collar of the shirts can be different. Personally, we like the most cutaway collars – it looks fresh, fashionable and suitable for almost every case.


The shirts with short sleeves you should leave where you saw it: don’t buy, don’t take, don’t even look at it! And there is no reason to have it. In a summer wear polo shirt instead of short sleeved shirts. With a jacket you don’t see the cuffs — failed again. And if it’s too hot — just roll the sleeves up. NO SHORT SLEEVES!

Putting the tie with button down collar shirt doesn’t show you in the good lights. Leave it for some american managers. Keep button down collars open and casual.

Hugo Boss

Sutton Shirt / $305boss


Camicia Tinta Unita Stampa Microfantasia / $176roda

Tommy Hilfiger

Branch Shirt / € 119tommysummer


Extreme Cutaway Salmon / $44trashness


Blue Washed Shirt / $79suitsupplysummer

Polo Ralph Lauren

Slim-Fit Oxford Shirt / $98ralph

Finamore × Fransboone

Turquese Linen SLim Fit Shirt / € 198.00f-f

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