That’s hot! Chanel + Monster = New head-phones!

We like surprises and this one seems to be the hottest. Legendary Monster who introduced Beats by dr. Dre to the world is to show the new Chanel head-phones! Look below how the new masterpiece is gonna look like! Yo-yo!!

chanel-monster-headphones-1Here we go. Quite classic, isn’t?

But we weren’t we if not to mention few past Monster collaborations with….

DIESEL with VEKTR In-Ear and On-Ear headphonesScreen Shot 2014-04-28 at 20.16.0610222792

ADIDAS Over-Ear and In-Ear headphones phones for sport loversadidas-originals-monster-headphones-1adidas-originals-monster-headphones-4

Electronic Arts MVP-Carbon headphones for gamerstron-t1-studio-high-definition-sheadphones-daft-punk-edition-07

VIVIENNE TAM in-ear headphones with wonderful butterflies on itVivienne-Tam-x-Monster-Butterfly-Headphones

JYP RAON with beautiful Diamond TearsScreen Shot 2014-04-28 at 20.21.33

NICK CANNON and his NCredible In-Ear and Over-Ear seriesmonster-n-pulse_1359392649 71a0e4iKEKL._SL1500_

MILES DAVIS with classic looking Tribute and Miles Davis Trumpet In-Ear headphones1

EARTH, WIND & FIRE and Monster Gratitude In-Ear headphones special for live-music lovers MHGRTIERGLDCT_128732_GLAM_01

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