My deer… 10 reasons to go to Lapland.

This spring I went to Lapland to see the Northern Lights. Immediately I should say that in a couple of days I did not find it, but a bunch of other discoveries do happen. Here are 10 most important reasons to go beyond the polar circle now — for the first time or one more time.


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 16.40.21Russian fun is so relevant in Lapland. Snow here can stay until the summer and spring temperature is kept near zero, so it means that  the run from sauna to ice-hole won’t be so chilly. And another important advantage: water in the finnish lakes and rivers is very clean, so the traditional dipping head here come much more secure.Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 16.41.50


WP_20140312_15_54_22_ProMainly they organise the large groups and routes are already defined. Note that you will need such a machine skills of driving and, in fact, the licence to control the vehicle. Organisers do not look at the category (of the licence), but without it you can’t come to snowmobile even close. All equipment and helmets can be gotten straight on the rental locations.

WP_20140312_16_08_59_Pro20140312162539 WP_20140312_16_09_25_Pro, Hissitie 8 , Levi FI- 99130 , Finland


WP_20140313_04_50_22_Pro20140313095035Lapland’s lakes are full of all shapes and sizes. Don’t be so lazy to wake up at 6am to see the first rays of sun. Due to frost weather and location of the region sunrises are especially lovely. Sometimes you may need snowshoes to avoid drowning in the snowdrifts of the nearest forest. In the photo I captured one of the sunrise, and I hope that my smartphone’s (Nokia Lumia 1020)  camera was fully able to represent the beauty .


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 16.41.16Almost on every resort in Lapland you can rent or buy a sled, and it will be a lot of snow on the balcony of the hotel, and on the road to it. In this trip, my friends and I remembered past years and had plenty enough fun and time to roll. As for myself personally, I said, the fact is that the snow throughout Finland just pure white. Even in the centre of Helsinki dark snowy slush – a rarity.Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 16.41.30


WP_20140313_14_44_01_SmartLocal craftsmen invented and compiled the most unusual karts in the world – on the spike tires you won’t drive on the asphalt, you’re gonna drive on the the ice and snow, and, in case of incorrect rotation, machine is gonna meet to snowdrift  instead of exactly lined tires., Tuomikuruntie 131 , Levi 99130 , Finland


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 16.40.33Most hotels and villas have the saunas for guests. They are especially good when they are right in the room, and even better if they have direct access to the street. Cuz in winter you can run out and cool off in the snow. For example in the park Levi Spirit each villa is designed for 10 guests, and besides amusing architecture of the house itself each have a whole SPA area with a dressing room, showers, two Jacuzzis (indoors and outdoor) and the very Finnish sauna. Tying it all together we are getting a platform for the wide celebrations with friends., Hissitie 13-15, 99130 Sirkka, Finland


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 16.40.57It’s served in the restaurants in form of steaks, heated stroganina with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, as well as sold in stores as a dozen more derivatives. Very thinly frozen venison you shear and fry in oil. If we talk about the steak, many say that the meat dryly. Another delicacy is dessert, it Leypyayuusto Lapland cheese which is baked with cream in an oven or over a fire and served with a creamy sauce and jam. Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 16.41.09


WP_20140314_10_02_57_ProIf the first and second all so clear – enough to get to the nearest polar store and there you will find mostly local goods salted, bottled and fried, other positions are much more interesting. For myself, I have identified a few favourite Finnish brands. For example, to deal with a weathered face and hands use the best creams from Lumene. I opted the face cream Lumene for men SOS. Drinking and eating utensils should be of iittala, but calls and photo betters— only Nokia. All images on the trip and for this material i made with camera of Lumia 1020. It should be noted that the built-in 41 megapixel camera it copes well not only with snow, but the scenery and tropical countries, Lumia 1020 was used by me so many times in India, Nepal, Hong Kong and so on. Another plus of this smartphone — maps HERE, which are to load via Wi-Fi from the hotel or villa and use them to navigate through the woods and roads of Lapland. And about the clothes. Favorite brand of thermal underwear became local Halti. It is very changeable temperature here — from the sun in a day time to the cold weather in the morning and evening. So the usual coats and jackets may not be suitable.WP_20140312_15_47_12_Pro


WP_20140313_08_34_10_Pro20140313095224On the territory of Lapland are many dog breeders containing this northern breed. Dogs are restless, they wildly resent sitting in their caves or just walking around — just give a ride! From the very start of a wagon drawn by huskies, begins to develop a very high speed, it becomes even scary.

WP_20140313_08_42_38_Pro WP_20140313_08_47_32_Pro, Levi Huskypark.


WP_20140313_13_04_56_Pro20140313131410If to see it in the wild will not work (they all have their owners), then you can look at one of the reindeer farm or meet one of the northern animals directly from breeders of husky or in some hotels — they have their own deer in the yard.WP_20140313_08_54_59_Pro 

Photo: Pavel Boyman and Petr Lovigin

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