Suited? Let’s swim!

The man should wear a suit. The real man should feel the passion about it. The super man should wear it with passion everywhere. In the new J. Crew movie Travel With Style with the american director Casey Neistat the last type of man was shown.


The brand is keep saying us that the italian wool of their suits is totally SUITable for traveling. Fold it and push inside of the tiny bag, then dress it up again — the perfect look is promised. In more than 3 minutes Casey gave you 17 tips of the perfect traveling for a man. Agree with them or not – you’re choice. We’re just in love with the idea and the way it became true. Enjoy the viewing!

3027910-poster-p-2-casey-neistat-serves-up-17-tips-for-stylish-travel-for-j-crew 3027910-inline-i-1-casey-neistat-serves-up-17-tips-for-stylish-travel-for-j-crew 3027910-inline-i-2-casey-neistat-serves-up-17-tips-for-stylish-travel-for-j-crew Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 16.35.31

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