Round and round. The first smart-watches by Motorola

In the movie ” Eat. Pray. Love” heroes were inventing the word for every Italian city . With the technique companies it’s something similar. If Nokia – it is “reliability”. Apple – still “innovation”. Then Motorola has been and remains the only one – “sex” (in fact, as Rome). It was hard to imagine a more beautiful watches from americans than what was presented today. The company submitted its Moto 360.


On the basis of their circular screen, framed body just like a Swiss watch. First such display was presented in the model Motorola AURA and, unlike the phone itself, has made a huge breakthrough, the results of which the company can use in wearable devices today.motorola_moto_aura_luxury_phone w19

On the characteristics little is yet known. Gadget works on the Android Wear software from Google, and the diameter of the display (it is more logical to say diameter, not diagonal) will be equal to 1.8 inches. It can be assumed that the display will be covered with sapphire crystal. Although in this case the price of gadget will be very high. In any case, Samsung with their uninnovated Gear should calm down and get out of the Motorola’s street. What about us? We finally found the first smart watches that we wanna wear. Even without going into the technical details.

Moto 360_Map Moto 360 Cafe

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