Sochi-2014. Wonderful. Incredible. Ours!

From the very first day of the decision to hold the Olympics in Sochi, only few believed that it will be the best game in the history of the Winter Olympics. But they become it!

An incredible number of athletes, participating countries and fab infrastructure, which is awesomely great and how everything is thought out.

WP_20140219_16_25_50_ProI am very happy that I was able to visit these games and see several performances, including Figure skating, where Russian athlete Adelina Sotnikova took gold in figure skating. First in Soviet and Russian history. Truly brilliance performance and breathtaking moment!


SOCHIClick the image to explode and see in details
All the in-door events are concentrated in the coastal cluster. Stadiums Fisht (Ceremonies), Ice Cube (Curling), Ice Domes “Bolshoi” and “Shayba” (hockey), Adler Arena (speed-skating) Iceberg (Figure Skating) and several other stadiums for training athletes.WP_20140219_16_37_37_ProThe olympic Torch situated right in the centre of the Olympic Park. It’s visible from the airplane on the arriving to the Adler Airport in Sochi. DSC01077Everything seems very harmonious and united. Everything is everyone in Sochi lives with those Games. It’s like each is involved in this process.


DSC01094Next, I want to talk about a mountain cluster. Here are the competitions in biathlon, skiing, snowboarding and more. All objects are interconnected by cable cars. Cockpit designed for a few people, but some are up to 30 people. Thus no queues and all the spectators are reaching its facilities very quickly. Organisation is at the highest level it could be.WP_20140220_09_38_13_ProSki-cross area in Rosa Khutor area on Krasnaya Polyana.

The centre of this Winter Paradise is the place called Rosa Khutor. It was build specially for the Olympics in a few years.DSC01110 DSC01118


One of the biggest and best designed Ice Dome I’ve ever seen. It’s nice even inside with huge seating area for 12 000 visitors and big Screen Cube by Panasonic in the middle, one of the biggest in the world.WP_20140219_17_23_14_Pro WP_20140219_18_07_53_ProOlympic talismans are walking between rows and you can take pictures with them.  WP_20140219_18_07_26_ProThe big big screen in the middle. Super cool. WP_20140219_17_27_04_ProIt was the game CANADA VS LATVIA. Canada won. WP_20140219_17_23_46_Pro WP_20140219_17_24_09_Pro

At the beginning I didn’t really like this stadium by the pictures, but fall in love when came there. Wonderful and big. Everything is so cool.WP_20140220_17_14_16_Pro
DSC01153In the middle of arena you can see big cube screen by Panasonic. It’s huge and wonderful to see from any part and seat in the hall. It really helped me cuz I don’t see so far.
DSC01166Stadium is designed for 12,000 spectators and all seats are taken! It’s absolutely full! This is incredible! By the way, mostly all the places at all events sold out many weeks before the events. Tickets price for the most distant places was 8 000 – 12 000, which is approximately equal $400 or 220 GBP. Ticket prices for the lower tiers are almost 800 dollars. There were so many foreign fans, but Russian fans certainly prevailed.DSC01169It is difficult to convey in words the excitement of last minute performances of the best skaters. And here it is – VICTORY! Rostrums are literally roaring and jumping for this joy! Korean fans have lowered flags and some of them even walked out.DSC01172The winner of women’s figure skating Adelina Sotnikova is taking her throne. DSC01182Of course after the event we went to the main area of ​​the park and celebrated the victory. First in the history of Russia in the women’s figure skating. Flags, smiles and cries! And the TORCH! The most beautiful Olympic flame!DSC01187No hustle or delay when exiting the park and from the stadiums, all very well organized.DSC01192That was just a few days of the Olympic Games in Sochi and ones of the most unbelievable days in my life. Thanks everyone who gifted this moments to me and to the country, and to the world!WP_20140219_15_42_47_Pro

Viva Sport! Viva Games! Viva Russia!

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