Drink & Dance. Bushmills and Grado Lab in collaboration.

What links one of the main producer of the head-phones in the world and one of the oldest whiskey brand? Quality, history, attention to the details…. what else? The actor and ambassador of Bushmills Elijah Wood and and LA music maven Zach Cowie were involved in this great collaboration — new head-phones became the result of this work.audio-in-wood-bushmills-x-grado-labs-headphones_1Made from wood, leather and metal they will surprise you with the great sound as well. First of all —  wood is crafted from “recycled white oak bodies from the wood of old barrels” that come from a Bushmills distillery in Ireland.


If this words aren’t enough for you, here are some technical characteristics specially for you, geeks:

transducer type – dynamic / operating principle – vented back / frequency response – 16hz to 26kHz / spl at 1mW – 98dB / nominal impedance – 32 ohms / driver match – .05dB

And for some of you who still can’t believe this collaborations happened or for those who still asks «WHY?» a small video attached.

9 more great headphones by design:

The Bushmills X Grado Lab head-phones are available around the globe from $395.

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