TESTING iPad Air. 10 things I’ve noticed about it…

Apple releases new generation of the iPad every year. And each  time you say “It couldn’t be better!”, but guys from Cupertino are keep going and here we are… Air, iPad Air.smart_brownIt’s already a week since I’ve moved from iPad (with Retina or whatever, cuz I never remember the name of the past or new generation) to the new iPad Air. Here are my main impressions about it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 22.44.061. Old cover and cases are in trash bin already. What I love about Apple — through the past generations of iPads and iPhones away, but save the same cases and accessorises for the future one! But this time it had to be changed as well. iPad got thiner and not that wide anymore. Covers are on the friends’ iPads now (or in the bin as I said before). I’ve took Smart Case and a few covers, but I don’t care about covers, cuz the case is really magical. Leather isn’t that strong, but brown cover look perfect on my white tablet. Yahoo!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 22.44.142. It’s faster. Web pages are opening faster on the new generation, even on the same 3G or Wi-Fi network with previous iPads. Games and movies are smoother, even if I hate games. So soon I will write about 10 great application which supports the new 64-bit processor A7 and co-processor M7. Just wait!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 22.44.263. And the battery is running away faster as well. I need to charge it everyday, sometimes even earlier than I go to sleep. Seems like this is a big smartphone, but not a tablet by Apple anymore. Maybe Android OS is seating inside of this body? Nope… Than what’s the reason?

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 22.44.374. LTE is incredible! In Moscow, Russia, LTE just has been launched, but it’s already flying on 20-30Mbps. And iPad Air supports it on the each LTE carrier’s network! That’s great! But I’ve already spent my monthly allowance in 5 days. Oops.

smart_green5. I need TouchID now, not in the next generation. I’m so used to it, just to touch home button, not swipe to unlock anymore. iPad is my personal device, I don’t share it with anyone. Apple, does not that means TouchID is required?

smart_blue_pink6. Yeah, it’s lighter, but the glass seems thinner as well. Knock to the glass and hear the different sound. Strange, isn’t? Both of them (old and new generation) are plastic (or whatever), but the new sound is so different for the beginning. Hm… Hope it’s the same quality and same strong as previous ones.

iPad-Air-Official-Image-0057. I want it GOLDEN. I’ve got iPhone 5S in Gold, Monster Turbine Pro Gold or urBeats in GOLD! But I wanna have an iPad the same colour! Ok, maybe next generation… remember my words…

best_design_display8. Air or mini? I am disappointed with both of them! Cuz the features are the same, but only difference is the screen. BUT I can’t take anything smaller then 9,7 — cuz it’s not good for taping articles with two hands! So, I though I’m gonna choose mini, but I’m still with MAXI — REAL BIG iPad. Now Air…

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 22.51.049. It’s charging faster! For the first and following generations of the iPad it was taking about 5 and more hours to charge. Maybe less or more, but for me it always felt this time. So, the new Air is super fast. Again, I wasn’t seating next to it and counting the seconds, but feels like 3 hours is enough for 100% battery. Maybe I am wrong, some geeks can say it in my face. But anyway… Good, Apple, good!

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 22.51.2510. It’s wonderful! Even if the next generation will be different and TouchID or Golden body will come — this edition is already too cool to be renewed.smart_yellow

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