Let’s talk a bit more about the most impressible mobile product of the year, Nokia Lumia 1020. I’m using this phone (as the second one in the trip with iPhone 5S) for already 3 months and now I can share my experience about it with you. 700-nokia_lumia_1020_duo
THE BEST MOBILE CAMERA and not only mobile. The matrix resolution of 41Mp and unique system PureView are keeping two pictures (5 Mp and full 38 Mp) to give you the best photo experience on phone camera ever. You can always zoom out already taken photo and look in the details any pic you’ve got. Professional settings are making the process even greater: focus, ISO or any other option is now controlled by you. 700-nokia_lumia-1020_product_imageTHE BEST NAVIGATION. Ok, Google Maps are perfect, but not abroad in roaming. It takes data from Internet and cash is too small. HERE maps by Nokia are storing necessary maps inside of a phone and showing it anywhere: drive or walk, public transit or 3D view of the sightseeings.

700-here-portfolioEPIC DESIGN. Just see it. One piece polycarbonate body and glossy Gorilla Glass 3 screen (still possible to scratch). 700-nokia_lumia_1020_back

FAST OS. Be honest I hate Microsoft. This Empire of Evil had nothing to impress me before Windows Phone 7. It’s still not the best OS, but running to the top. 700-nokia_lumia_1020_front


Coloud Knock for Nokia, WH-520700-coloud-knock-for-nokia-wh-520-yellow

Coloud Boom for Nokia, WH-530700-coloud-boom-for-nokia-wh-530-yellow

Nokia DC-50700-nokia_lumia_1520_nokia_dc_50_wireless-charging-group-shot Nokia Camera Grip + TriPodCamera-Grip-for-Nokia-Lumia-1020-with-tripod-jpg-1

WHAT TO TAKE Look below how great are pics taken with this PureView 41 Mp camera.

Absolutely professional settings in Nokia Camera. wp_ss_20131119_0001

Look at this picture. Do you see me? Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 19.21.17And now?wp_ss_20131120_0002And even closer! All millions of MegaPixels are working well.wp_ss_20131120_0001

And look at this pic. I took it in Jaipur, India. But I zoomed too much and now I wanna see what was around those elephants. I can do it!wp_ss_20131128_0002I just simply zooming out now. Phone is always keeping the full 38 MP picture and small 5 MP edition. wp_ss_20131128_0003

What about the night group portrait? wp_ss_20131128_0007It worked simply well! Look at the details! wp_ss_20131128_0008

And about video. The whole clip of Ellie was captured with Nokia Lumia 1020. Enjoy this ultimate quality!

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