Already for a few years I own JAMBOX and BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone, the new Jawbone UP as well and quite satisfied with the quality and design.


I do use Beats Pill for the traveling as well, but now I think I’ll change it for the new MINI JAMBOX. It look the same shaped as JAMBOX, but so much thinner.

What inside?

The Jawbone app gives you one-touch access to all your saved and streaming music. You can also personalize MINI JAMBOX and add new features as they roll out. It’s the rare piece of technology that keeps getting better with time.


LiveAudio™ playback technology lets you experience your music, movies and games like never before — immerse yourself in three-dimensional sound.


With multiple colors and designs, how your MINI JAMBOX looks says just as much as what you play through it.

MINI JAMBOX is small enough to fit in your pocket, and light enough that you won’t even notice it — until you press play.

AND THIS – in love with this speaker’s case by KILLSPENCER

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 16.49.13

1 thought on “THE NEW THING. MINI JAMBOX by Jawbone

  1. nikitaradchenko 01/12/2013 — 14:36

    Хочу эти колоночки :)))

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